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"The Eyes of the Eighth" by Gil Cohen

Episode One:
The Gil Cohen Retrospective

Our first episode will take a deep dive into the life and work of Gil Cohen, one of the most influential aviation artists of all time. Gil was a recent art school graduate when he was drafted into the Army and during that time, worked as an artist in military intelligence during the Cold War.

"The Eyes of the Eighth" by Gil Cohen

After his military service he went on to pursue a successful career as an illustrator and teacher. But it was his love of history, specifically World War II and his fascination with the Mighty Eighth Air Force division that changed his trajectory forever. With a career spanning over six decades, his skill for creating paintings that depict deeply emotional moments in history sets his work apart from other artists.



A Documentary Series about the lesser known life and work of historical aviation artists

What is Aviation Art?

To learn more about The Art of Aviation, visit our Allyra Website hosted by our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions.

Throughout history, military artists have been deployed to capture critical moments of conflict, gather intelligence, and showcase aviation technology. The visual record of our aerial wartime history was dependent on their artwork.


While many artists illustrated interpretations of pilots returning from missions as well as documenting enemy movement and locations; not all aviation artists focus on combat art. Many are intrigued by replicating the design and dimensions of the plane itself, using brush strokes to capture the light and movement of the plane.


Our documentary series, “The Art of Aviation” will immerse you into the artwork through interviews, painting sessions, re-enactments, and live studio walkthroughs, giving you the opportunity to interact with history in a way you’ve never experienced.


Our story begins with Gil Cohen, one of the most acclaimed Aviation Artists in American history, as he depicts poignant scenes from WWII and beyond.


"WASP Special Delivery" by Gil Cohen


"Coming Home, England 1943" by Gil Cohen


"For God and Country" by Gil Cohen


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